➜ IT services using your phone
Download and access IT services/tools on your phone

➜ Webmail
Connect to your student / staff email

Student / Faculty Portal
➜ Extranet: The Student Portal 🎓
Connect to Extranet and access your personal student and course information (timetable, grades etc)

Learning Platforms

Get started with Moodle in order to access your courses’ information, material, assignments and activities

➜ VPN Access (eduVPN)
Access the University’s Network even if you are Off-Campus

➜ e-Library (& eduVPN)
Access the E-Library Resources

➜ Software
Installation and user-friendly guides for popular software (incl. Microsoft 365)

➜ Virtual Computer Laboratories (VCL)
Connect with a University PC even when you are Off-Campus

In case you don't find a solution to your problem in the guides above,
you can send a Ticket through Helpdesk and a CSD officer
will contact you as soon as possible.

Using your mobile for access to IT services

Email Settings

➜ Learning Platforms & Extranet Student Portal